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Build sustainable size and superhuman strength.

Human-avar is designed to provide all the same benefits as the anobolic steroid known as Anavar but without the side effects or long term damage to your kidneys and liver.  Anavar is one of the only anabolic steroids that won't blow you up but whatever muscle you gain from it will be quality and sustainable mass.  It increases protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and the production of RBC, the keys to anabolism.  One of the main benefits of this award winning formula is the HGH support component which helps produce and maintain superior muscle mass.  This formula will also help increase your body's own natural production of nitric oxide which will improve performance during vigorous exercise and physical activity.

77.50gm / 60 capsules 

 *Please note due to heightened demand and a reduction in staff, production and delivery times are longer than usual.  We appreciate your patience during this unfortunate global situation.