Gregg Stegman-President

Live with a purpose and settle the score!

As a 30 something, I was like everyone else trying to find that fountain of youth. I was seeking a way to not only stay in shape but also live a healthier lifestyle which should go hand in hand.   I have always been super competitive both personally and professionally but like many people, I got caught up in the rat race. I found myself knee deep in the grind spending countless hours trying to achieve greatness and provide a better life for my family.  No one ever tells you this can only be done at the expense of your health and time with your family. This was not how I wanted to live the last chapter of my life. I needed to keep my edge and continue grinding professionally but I had to find a way to take care of myself in order to continue providing for my family.  

At first, this would require much sacrifice. This new mission limited my time even more.  The hardest part for most people, after getting started, is the amount of time and effort it takes to make something happen.  Time is our most valued commodity and something we can never get back once it’s gone.  That’s what fueled my desire.  That’s what kept me laser focused.  I made the grueling self-commitment of my limited time, energy and resources.  I knew the reward.  I had the determination necessary and to this day, I continue to keep my eye on the prize.  

This was right about the time my son was born and I was 33 years old.   I now had a new purpose and a greater responsibility.  My son needed a role model.  He needed someone who would be around to play catch. He needed someone to protect him and show him the way.  He needed someone he would consider the toughest guy in the world.  After all, isn’t that how every boy looks at his father?  Who was I to let him down?  So, I got a gym membership. Now nobody knows what the hell they’re doing when they first start lifting.  Countless hours and many personal injuries later I hadn’t found a way to get the desired results I wanted. I had to step up my game, so I started mixed martial arts training at 35 years old.  I had boxed in a youth gym and runaway shelter as a child.  I liked fighting and admired the athleticism of professional fighters.  I then signed up for a golden glove competition.  I even signed up to compete in an amateur strong man competition at the age of 39.  I wanted to find out how far I could push myself physically and I wanted more of this new infatuation we call lifting heavy shit!  

I started studying nutrition, fitness, personal training and most importantly I started listening to my body.  That might be the most important advice I could give someone above diet and exercise, especially as you hit the big 40.  I wanted no part of that age group nor the stereotype that came with it. That seems to be right about the time everything starts to feel like it’s falling apart.  Eventually the wear and tear of a hard life catches up to you.  All of sudden you start seeing doctors for problems dealing with your heart, knees and spine but I refused to give up on my dreams and my goals.

This new decade spearheaded the change I needed in my life. I changed my exercise routine and my training schedule.  I changed my sleep and my diet. I gave up smoking and drinking, I changed my supplement plan and I rediscovered a new super power I never knew existed.  That same super power exists in each and every one of you. You just need the proper road map and guidance to discover it!  Furthermore, dealing with the difficulties that came with aging put a new emphasis on the supplements that my body needed to push its limits, to get that last rep or make that last lap.  Not only did I need these supplements to replenish the things our bodies naturally produce but also the essential components that deplete with age and rigorous exercise.  I needed to supplement my heart health, joints and recovery so I could get bigger and stronger.  I designed my own meal plan based on what MY body needed.  You see, some people respond to no carbs but I couldn’t live without them.  Some people need paleo or keto while others need red meat and protein to maintain muscle and gain strength.  This is why I decided to provide different supplement options for different athletes.  No two athletes are the same, why should your supplements be?  I wanted to provide quality supplement choices to help people reach their personalized fitness goals.  In theory, we all desire the same thing.  We all want to look and feel our very best but some of us want more, some of us want big veins and massive gains!

"Remember, there is no such thing as monsters, only the monster inside.  He is always there and he is never scared. He grows stronger every day and he never forgets. The more you feed him, the bigger he gets.  He is your greatest enemy and also your friend.  He can only destroy you if you let him win. You are the beast and broken no more. Live with a purpose and settle the score! "